MD63 Bridge over St. James Run

Project Overview:

In February 2017, Hetzer was awarded a $1.3-million dollar contract to replace an existing small bridge over St. James Run on MD Rte. 63 near Fairplay, MD. The work included the removal of an existing stone arch culvert, placement of 200-CY of cast-in-place foundation concrete, construction of a single span prestressed concrete slab-panel bridge, and pavement reconstruction. The schedule was especially challenging, allowing only 53-calendar days of full road closure, to which was attached a completion incentive/disincentive of $4,500.00 per calendar day.A nine day early completion was achieved, thanks to the combined efforts and cooperation of SHA District 6 personnel and Hetzer field operations and project management.  


Maryland State Highway Department (MdSHA)


MD63 Bridge over St. James Run

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

March 2017 to August 2017