Bulk Excavation

Over the years, we have grown our fleet, skills, and capabilities to tackle increasingly challenging  excavation projects.  Whether moving shale or shot rock/clay mixtures, we can excavate, haul, place, and compact at  production rates required for big jobs and aggressive schedules.   Consider the following examples:

2000 - 40 West Landfill for Washington County, MD

  • Complete New Landfill Facility - 103 Acre Site
  • 1,458,450-CY Bulk Excavation in 4-1/2 months

2003 - 2005   FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. -  Hagerstown, Maryland Hub Project

  • Final Total Contract Amount:  $14,199,000.00
  • 1,022,830-BCY Total Bulk Excavation

2004 - Washington County, Maryland - Hagerstown Regional Airport

  • Airport Runway 9-27 Improvement Program
  • Final Contract Amount:                 $17,471,104.00
  •  500,000-BCY Onsite Unclassified Rock Excavation
  • 1,380,000-CCY Imported Borrow Excavation

2004 - 2005  WACO Forty-West Landfill Cell 3

  •  650,000-BCY Bulk Excavation
  • Construction of Lined Landfill Cell No. 3; 13.7-Acres

2010 - 2011  County of Frederick, Virginia  - Frederick County Regional Landfill

  • Partial Capping of MSW Landfill & Rough Grading CDD Landfill 
  • 268,060-BCY Bulk Excavation (combined all types)

2011 - 2012  Washington County, Maryland - Forty West Landfill; Sanitary Landfill Cells 6 & 7

 Final Contract Amount:  $ 6,311,000.00

  • 488,370-BCY Bulk Excavation
  • Construction of Lined Landfill Cell Nos. 6 & 7;  20.3-Acres

2011 - 2015  Quarry Overburden Stripping

Over the last 5 years, we have stripped over 4 million bank cubic yards (BCY) of quarry overburden in six  quarries located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

2015 Landsdale Subdivsion near New Market, MD

Begun in May 2015 and completed over 12-months, we performed a mass grading and SWM contract for this residential development project.  We moved, placed, spread, compacted, and graded a total of  640,000-BCY, deliverying the required "holddown" plan grades for roadways, buidling lots, and drainage features. Our site area limit of work was approximately 110-acres.