Recent Bulk Excavation Projects

Project Overview:

Over the years, we've grown our fleet, skills, and capabilities to tackle increasingly challenging mass excavation projects.  Whether moving shale or shot rock/clay mixtures, we can excavate, haul, place, and compact at production rates that support big jobs and aggressive schedules.   Consider the following examples: 2000 - 40 West Landfill for Washington County, MD

  • Complete New Landfill Facility - 103 Acre Site
  • 1,458,450-CY Bulk Excavation in 4-1/2 months

2003 - 2005   FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. -  Hagerstown, Maryland Hub Project

  • Final Total Contract Amount:  $14,199,000.00
  • 1,022,830-BCY Total Bulk Excavation

2004 - Washington County, Maryland - Hagerstown Regional Airport

  • Airport Runway 9-27 Improvement Program
  • Final Contract Amount:                 $17,471,104.00
  •  500,000-BCY Onsite Unclassified Rock Excavation
  • 1,380,000-CCY Imported Borrow Excavation

2004 - 2005  WACO Forty-West Landfill Cell 3

  •  650,000-BCY Bulk Excavation
  • Construction of Lined Landfill Cell No. 3; 13.7-Acres

2010 - 2011  County of Frederick, Virginia  - Frederick County Regional Landfill

  • Partial Capping of MSW Landfill & Rough Grading CDD Landfill 
  • 268,060-BCY Bulk Excavation (combined all types)

2011 - 2012  Washington County, Maryland - Forty West Landfill; Sanitary Landfill Cells 6 & 7 

  • Final Contract Amount:  $ 6,311,000.00
  • 488,370-BCY Bulk Excavation
  • Construction of Lined Landfill Cell Nos. 6 & 7;  20.3-Acres

2015 Landsdale Subdivsion near New Market, MDBegun in May and completed in November 2015, we performed a mass grading and SWM contract for this residential development project.  We moved, placed, spread, compacted, and graded a total of  640,000-BCY, deliverying the required "holddown" plan-grades for roadways, buidling lots, and drainage features. Our site area limit of work was approximately 110-acres.

Start to Completion:

January 1955 to November 2015