Keedysville, Maryland Main Street Water Main Replacement

Project Overview:

  • Water Main & Domestic Service Replacement Project
  • 4,200-LF 4-inch HDPE Temporary Above-Ground Water Main & Water Services
  • 150-LF 12-inch HDPE Directional Bored Stream Crossing
  • 5,038-LF 12-inch DIP Push-Joint Waterline
  • 234-LF 12-inch Restrained-Joint Waterline
  • 60-LF 10-inch Restrained-Joint Waterline
  • 185-LF 8-inch Restrained-Joint Waterline
  • 90-LF 6-inch Restrained-Joint Waterline
  • 16-EA Fire Hydrants
  • 28-EA MJ Gate Valves


Town of Keedysville, Maryland

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

February 2011 to December 2011