Lake Holiday Dam Concrete Spillway Reconstruction

Project Overview:

  • Concrete Spillway Demolition & Replacement for a 240-AC Impoundment
  • Lower and Maintain Lake Elevation to Permit Construction with 3-EA 18” Siphons
  • Temporary Relocation of Underground Utilities
  • Excavate Spillway Into Existing Bed Rock Subgrade
  • Permanent Underground Utilities Relocation
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Construct New 127-FT 2-span Bridge, including Prestressed Concrete Bulb-Tee Beams
  • Approximately 8,300-CY of ConcreteConstruction, including:
    • Spillway Slabs & Footings: 3,467-CY
    • Training Walls & Baffle Blocks: 1,203-CY
    • Spillway Labrynth Walls: 639-CY
    •  Curved Approach Retaining Walls: 215-CY
    • Bridge Construction: 504-CY
    • Other (Fill, Edge, & Dental) Concrete: 2,305-CY


Frederick County, Virginia – Department of Public Works, Lake Holiday Sanitary District


Lake Holiday Dam Spillway Upgrade, Concrete Spillway Reconstruction

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

September 2011 to June 2013