Hagerstown West End Ground Water Storage Tank (Phase 2)

Project Overview:

  • Improvements for the construction of a second enclosed concrete municipal water storage tank.
  • Demolition of the existing 102-year old West End Open Water Storage Tank.
  • Compaction grouting of karst subsurface voids.
  • Performed complete civil site services subcontract package for prestressed Concrete Tank, including structural excavation, prestressed winding track construction.
  • 635-LF of 10, 16, & 24-inch DIP Restrained Mechanical Joint Piping in Rock Trench Conditions near existing public facilities.
  • Construct 2-each Concrete Flow Control Vaults.
  • 16-inch Vault Interior Flanged Process Piping.
  • Site grading, storm drainage, SWM, HMA Roadway Paving, & related civil site improvements.
  • Major subcontracts included security fencing, landscaping, electrical and instrumentation packages.


City of Hagerstown, MD

Water Department


West End Ground Water Storage Tank

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

January 2010 to October 2011