Shale Materials

Material Description:

Our 167-Acre shale pit is located in a formation of brown “Martinsburg Shale”. The Martinsburg formation is predominantly gray to dark shale, yellowish in the upper portion. The material is an excellent roadway and structural common fill material.

Shale Pit Address:

15365 Clear Spring Road (MD Rte. 68)
Near Williamsport, MD

Other Materials Available at our Pit:

  • Shale:
    • Excavated
    • Screened
    • 1-3/4” Pipe Bedding
      • Topsoil:
        • Unimproved
        • Screened
        • MdSHA Certified Blend with Sand
      • Pavement HMA Millings:
        • Unscreened (as produced from the milling machine)
        • Screened Millings
      • Maintenance of Traffic Device Rentals (stored at our Shale Pit):
        • Steel Traffic Plates
        • Precast Concrete Jersey Barriers