Spring 2017 - New Contracts

Spring 2017 - New Contract Awards

  • City of Frederick, MD - Airport Runway 5-23 Obstruction Removal - Phase 2:  Hetzer was awarded this $3.9 million dollar project that includes substantial rock blasting, mass excavation, grading, RCP storm drain, and 12-inch DIP Waterline.  The key project dates include a March 20, 2017 start and a November 14, 2017 completion.
  • MdSHA Contract WA3445282 - Interstate I-81 Improvements:  Hetzer was awarded a $12.3-million dollar paving subcontract from the project general contractor, Triton Construction, Inc. of St. Albans, WV.  Work includes over 167,000-TN of HMA paving for the total $87 million dollar I-81 Potomace River Bridge Replacement Project.  The overall project is planned for a June 2020 completion.
  • Washington County, MD - Southern Boulevard Project - Phase I:  Hetzer was awarded a $6.9-million dollar project to construct a new road connecting East Oak Ridge Drive to US40 Alt Rte. 40 at Funkstown, MD. The approximately 3300 LF project will use hot mix asphalt (HMA) to pave a two lane divided roadway, along with related grading, storm drainage, and stormwater management to support the future addition of two potential future lanes.  The project also consists of adding single lane roundabouts at both intersections with the connecting roads. The roundabouts will include stamped concrete truck aprons, landscaped centers, and lighting within the roundabouts and at all approaches. A concrete sidewalk will be constructed along both sides the entire length of the new roadway.  The work includes substantial earthwork, storm drain, bioretention facilities, and 14,000-TN of HMA paving.
  • MdSHA Contract WA2095180 - Prestressed Concrete Slab Bridge:  In February 2017, Hetzer was awarded a $1.3-million dollar contract to replace an existing small bridge over St. James Run on MD Rte. 63 near Fairplay, MD.  The work includes the removal of an existing stone arch culvert, placement of 200-CY of cast-in-place foundation concrete, construction of a single span prestressed concrete slab-panel bridge, and pavement reconstruction. After a March 21, 2017 Notice to Proceed, a road closure will be in effect from June 10th through August 14th.  The contractual end date is October 15, 2017.
  • MdSHA Contract AX7665582 - TMDL SWM Retrofits - Group 1 - Washington County:  In March 2017, Hetzer was awarded a $1.7-million dollar contract for retro-fit modifications to 5-each existing stormwater management facilities to provide additional water quality management.  The retrofitted facilities include one (1) bioretention, and four (4) submerged gravel wetlands. The contract completion date is November 14, 2017. 
  • Washington County, MD - Showalter Road Sanitary Sewer:  In March 2017, Hetzer was awarded a $786,800.00 dollar contract to construct new sanitary sewer features near the Hagerstown Airport.  The work is intended to improve the County's sewer capacity management north of Hagerstown.  The project duration of 180-calendar days will lead to a fall 2017 completion.
  • Frederick County, MD - Full Depth Pavment Reclamation - FY2017:  On April 24th, 2017, Frederick County awarded this pavement rehabilitation project to Hetzer.  The $1,054,480 includes Full-Depth Reclamation work and 6,800-TONS bituminous overlay of approximately 6.28 lane miles of various Asphalt roads throughout the County, along with necessary patching, milling, installation of underdrains, curb and gutter repair, shoulder backup, pavement markings, and roadside barrier installation and adjustment.  The project will also incorporate 13,500-SY of Cold In Place Re-cycled Pavement using Foamed Asphalt for a portion of the roads.
  • 2017 Landsdale Subdivision - Section 3A Mass Grading near New Market, MD:  On April 24th, 2017 Elm Street Development of McLean, VA  awarded Hetzer another mass grading contract for this residential development in southern Frederick County, MD.  For "Section 3A", we will mass excavate and grade to a 43-Acre "holddown" plan, establishing initial subgrades for roads, buidling lots, and drainage features.  In 2016, Hetzer completed  Section 2A for Elm Street (110-Acre / 640,000-BCY).  The 2017 work should be complete this summer. 
  • MdSHA FR5595180 - Bridge Replacement for MD355 over CSXT Railroad:  On May 19, 2017, Hetzer was awarded this MdSHA bridge replacement project in Frederick County between the City of Frederick and Buckeystown, Maryland. The $7.2-million dollar project has a June 20, 2019 completion date, and requires the following:  
  1. Construction of a temporarary roadway and bridge to maintain two-way traffic on MD Rte. 355 over the existing CSXT railroad.  
  2. Installation of a temporary 12-inch water main across the temporary road and bridge.  
  3. Demoltion of the existing 85-year old concrete highway bridge superstructure, substructure piers,abutments, and footings.  
  4. 3,300-LF of steel HP14x102 bearing pile.
  5. 1,330-CY new concrete bridge footings, substructure, subperstructure deck, and parapets.
  6. 5-EA 130-LF simple span fabricated steel girders.  
  7. 5,500-TN HMA pavement on 6,000-TN stone base pavement.
  8. Substantial earthwork, storm drain, and bioretention facilities.
  9. 1,230-LF of new 16-inch diameter Frederick County replacement water line, including 130-LF suspended below the new bridge deck.
  • MdSHA Contract WA8705177 - Safety and Resurfacing of I-70 from Ashton Road to West of Conococheague Creek in Washington County:  On May 25, 2017, Hetzer was awarded this $3.6-million dollar paving contract.  THe work includes pavement milling and resurfacing, making up most of the proposed 23,000-TN of HMA paving. Additionally, over 15,500-LF of traffic barrier w-beam removal and replacement is required.  The project requires a completion on or before December 5, 2017.   
  • City of Hagerstown - 2017 Pavement Preservation Program:  On May 25, 2017, Hetzer was awarded this annual pavement preservation project for the City of Hagertown. The $1.2-million dollar project anticipates 50,000-SY of pavement grinding and over 10,000-TONS HMA paving.  Work should be complete during the 2017 season.