2015 Waynesboro High Stadium Turf

Project Overview:

2015 Waynesboro High Stadium Turf  In the late spring and summer of 2015, Hetzer replaced the existing natural turf field and running track with a new synthetic turf and rubberized running track.This project also required many skills and weekend work, along with close attention to detail and schedule.  Typical of these projects, the schedule was squeezed between the end of spring and the beginning of fall classes.  This particular project was both a challenge, and a pleasure.  Challenging highlights included unforeseen unsuitable subgrade soils in combination with early wet weather.  But it was a pleasure to pursue the  aggressive schedule with the full support of a proactive WASD project team that kept positive throughout.  


Waynesboro PA Area School District

Start to Completion:

May 2015 to August 2015