Replace Marble Quarry Rd Bridge No. W6083 over Little Antietam Creek

Project Overview:

Marble Quarry Rd. Bridge W6083 Replacement over Little Antietam Creek:  Begun in October 2013, this was the second bridge replacement Hetzer constructed for the Department of Public works on Marble Quarry Road in southern Washington County (see separate info on bridge W6081 replaced in 2006-2007).  This project involved heavier construction requirements, including:

  • Significant stream diversion and maintenance of stream flow.
  • 12-EA 36-inch diameter drilled reinforced concrete shafts.
  • 92-CY mix 3 footing concrete.
  • 96-CY mix 3 abutment and wingwall substructure concrete, including stained architectural stone wingwall finish.
  • 8-EA prestressed precast slab beams for bridge superstructure, set using a skid beam approach.
  • 42-CY mix 8 superstructure deck slab concrete.
  • 50-CY mix 6 concrete bridge parapets, including stained architectural stone finish.
  • 33-TN total project reinforcing steel.
  • 500-TN HMA road pavement.



Washington County, MD

Dept. of Public Works


Marble Quarry Rd Bridge No. W6083 over Little Antietam Creek

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

October 2013 to November 2014