Lake Holiday Bridge over Concrete Spillway

Project Overview:

Construction of a new 127-FT 2-span VDOT spec bridge, including prestressed concrete bulb-tee beams.  The work included:

  • 274-CY of abutment concrete.
  • 66-CY of center pier concrete.
  • 171-CY bridge deck concrete.
  • 10-EA prestressed bulb-tee precast beams with associated steel diaphragms .
  • 125-LF of insulated and jacketed 12-inch ductile iron bridge crossing pipe.
  • 254-LF of aluminum bridge railing.
  • 2,330-TONS HMA roadway paving.


Frederick County, VA

Dept. of Public Works


Lake Holiday Road Spillway Bridge

Contract Amount:


Start to Completion:

September 2011 to February 2013